Judging Lego Robotics @FirstLegoLeague World Festival & a visit to the Space Center

As usual, we volunteered for FLL Robotics World Festival (Robot Design Judge), this time Houston, TX. P.S. Notes from last year.

Let me tell the story in pictures — distilled to ~40 collages from ~700 pictures !

The view from galleries, interesting pictures from Houston downtown & a visit to the Space Center. Can’t believe we were able to send humans to the moon with just 9 MB memory ! (Of course, I have programmed an entire test rig with 32 KB EEPROM)

View from our hotel room 14th Floor of Homewood Suits, Houston
I was able to take some interesting pictures just using my iPhone (5S)
The trophies haven’t changed from last years

The Judging Rubrics — Summary

Insights for future teams

The two big blocks of lego plates and tons of lego pieces — teams have created interesting expressions!

Two very interesting lego creations — I hope I have enough pictures to recreate them !

The pavements have time tiles !
We visited the Space Center — interesting stuff
With 9MB memory, we were able to send humans to the moon!
Am a big fan of the Mars Rover and the Rocker-bogie wheel frames

As you can see, we had a good time. Next year, off to Detroit!